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New Antlion Audio Warehouses!


We've added 2 US warehouses, 1 EU warehouse, and 1 UK warehouse to our network!

I know, that sounds SUPER un-exciting, but let us explain why this is a big deal.

For the EU & UK:

We have two BIG impacts

  1. No more customs & import fees!
  2. MUCH faster shipping. No more 2-4 weeks ship time, get your product in 2-5 days!

    You should also now be checking out in your local currency!

    But... there's a catch.

    1. The prices are now in your local currency and include VAT. Therefore, you may notice higher prices for the EU & UK. This only impacts those checking out from the EU & UK.

    For the USA:

    We've added a Pennsylvania and a Kentucky warehouse as well.

    This means FASTER SHIPPING on all orders, even standard shipping!

    Plus, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed we now offer 2-day shipping!

    And yes, sad to report, that's really what it costs to ship items. There may be ways to get free shipping in the near future though!

      For Everyone Else:

      We're still expanding and growing as a company (And hopefully as people). Until then you may be liable for import fees and taxes and we STRONGLY urge you to check out our Where to Buy section and shop locally if possible!

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