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Antlion Events MAYHEM!

Over the last month we've really amped up our show presence, sponsoring three events through different partners. 

AYBO Baselan 30!

We're long time sponsors of the amazing AYBO Baselan event in Winnipeg and this year was their biggest ever. With attendance at an astounding 70,000 (1/10th the entire city size) for the conference and a sold out LAN event for Baselan. They gave away over $30,000 in prizes, including a ton of awesome ModMic gear!

Apparently they hired Peter Parker as the photographer. Nice


We also had the privilege of providing the staff shirts for the team this year! Talk about one-of-a-kind!

I feel kinda bad for that poor guy with his eyes closed.

Winning! Also proof of girls at LAN events. We're proud of you sister!

More winning! Also, don't you hate it when people ask you to smile? This guy gets it.


Hitbox Olympus!

Our friends at put together a new Smash tournament to end all Smash tournaments! We're talking 3 different versions of smash, including Melee, 4, and Project M. The stakes were high with over $11,000 in prizes, which were probably promptly lost in the Tropicana Casino where the event took place. Still, fortunes are fleeting but glory is forever!

Something good, nay, great just happened. Wish I could see what!

Nearly 40,000 people tuned in to watch on their live streams, which is pretty epic for Smash fans everywhere!

IBP Masters with Anxiety Gaming

Our first outing with Anxiety Gaming could not have gone better at the IBuyPower Masters event. They set up a photo booth...

Look, Antlion Logos and Professional Gamers!

And gave away hero capes, which were so popular they started charging for them... and then STILL ran out.

Flying baby! ... Do not attempt at home. Ever.

More important than capes and photos, Anxiety Gaming got to reach a ton of new faces to deliver their message: That there's help out there for those who need it. That you can join a community of gamers who will support you without toxic attitudes and professionals that can help for the long haul.



And finally, here's one more picture from Baselan...Hmm, guy with ModMic, Guy with PC Tower and Modmicr, Guy with something shiny and  Modmic, Guy with Mouse and ModM...SANDWICH!?

See you next year Space Cowboy

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