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Black Friday & Cyber Monday, 2016!

It's that time again, and we've got a DOOZY of a sale.

Every Antlion product is now 15% off from now until Nov 28 at Midnight, Pacific!

This means ALL ModMics, but also all our Y and USB Adapters, Clasp Combo Packs, and our Uberwide Mousepad as well!

However, taking center stage is our AMAZING sale on the brand new Edition S White.

It's the white color version of the Edition S we talked about just a few months ago. For those that don't remember, James loved them so much he actually purchased a pair right after the boss took them away. Now you can get one too, and at 40% off there may never be a better time:

Get the Edition S White, only $150!


Want some planar magnetic headphones?

Hifiman HE400i  - Only $249 (45% off!)

Hifiman HE560 - Only $699 (33% off).


For those of you on a tighter budget, we've also got our two favorite Superlux headphones, 20% off!

Superlux HD668b - Now $55.95

Superlux HD681 - Now $39.95


This means you can make some KILLER combos! Here's my favorites...

The Beauty

Edition S and a ModMic Uni without Mute & a USB DAC for under $195!


The Beast

HE-400i and a ModMic Omni with Mute for under $300! (You may need an amp for this)


The Spent My Money on a New Console but Still Need a Kickass Headset!

Superlux HD681 and a ModMic Uni w/o Mute, only $76.44!


Happy (Shopping) Holidays everyone!
The Antlion Team

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