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Fall Prime Day 2022 Sale

Why Wait for November? Get 20% off all new ModMics Oct 11-12 ONLY!

Yep, that's right everyone, Amazon has declared an early holiday sale and we're on board.

If you have Prime you can pick up the same deals on Amazon. If not, or if you just want to support Antlion a little more and Amazon a little less, we've got the same prices right here!

We know this year has been tough on everyone, from inflation to the market and so much more, so we decided to join this early sale and try to keep everyone's spirits up (An early Halloween pun!).

See the price chart below and... happy Prime Day? Again. 

This is the lowest price we'll offer for the rest of the year. Buy with confidence!


Product US Euro UK
ModMic Uni $43.96 51.2 £43.96
ModMic USB $67.96 75.2 £67.96
ModMic Wireless $111.96 119.2 £111.6
ModMic Uni + USB Sound Card $53.52 55.2 £51.16


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