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September Meme Event

Over the last week we asked our  fans to craft us some memes incorporating a single image provided by us. Today we have the results from the judges! The winner will receive a free Renewed ModMic Wireless!

Before we get to the winner I just want to say we were super impressed with the entries and appreciate everyone who took the time to make and submit one or more! We're absolutely having another meme event soon, so be sure to join our Discord to get involved and win free stuff... or just to look at all the other entries!

The Runner Up

Submitted by Stream Team member Ken'ichi Rei (

Freakin' hilarious. 'nuff said.


The Winner

Submitted by Discord user JungHak:

Jung successfully hit on a severe bias we have at Antlion. We love Tony Hawk games. The meme sparked a nostalgia fueled discussion about the excellent soundtrack of Tony Hawk 2 and likely secured Jung victory over the runner up.

Congrats to Junghak on your free ModMic!

Honorable Mentions

What's a list like this without a few that almost made it to the top!

Submitted by Discord user Tosti:

I mean, more Tony Hawk, what's not to love? We like all the extra work that went into this... masterpiece isn't quite the right word is it?


Another Stream Team member Pappypop (

Who doesn't love a good Pimp my Ride?


And lastly JungHak ALSO has an honorable mention as well as the victory. This person clearly has a strong meme game:

Shaming open mic settings is practically our favorite pastime.


And there we have it! There are SO many more on the Discord channel to look at, and while those are our favorites here, you're welcome to spark a debate in chat and rally support behind an alternative winner. Who knows, maybe you can convince us to send them a mic too!

Stay tuned for our next big event and meme on my friends!

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