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User Created ModMic Wireless Stand

We're big supporters of user generated content and 3D Printing. That's why we created our Labs Page, where you can find all kinds of free 3D Printed attachments for your ModMic.

However, not everyone has access to a 3D Printer and sometimes a user created item goes so far above basic that it's worth paying money for.

So for the first time we're going to highlight an Etsy creator who made a pretty amazing desktop stand. Introducing Kirk Endsley's Magnetic Charging Stand for the ModMic Wireless.

It uses a magnetic charging cable, which is included and has options for different cable lengths / colors. The stand also rocks an amazing 5 stars from user reviews (as of Oct 14, 2022). People pretty much universally say the base is hefty enough not to move around and the magnetic charging method is perfect.

So if you've wanted a way to store and charge your mic simultaneously, consider throwing Kirk your support at their Etsy store:

We think it's a pretty neat idea!


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