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First Kimura Reviews!

There's probably no time more nerve wracking for a company than waiting for the first reviews of a new product launch. Will they love it? Will they hate it? Will the thing open a gateway to another dimension where everyone has a goatee?

Well, the first reviews are in and we're proud to say they're all quite positive! We picked a few of our favorites to share. If you're on the fence about Kimura, maybe this will help.

Hardware Canucks - "Gaming Headsets are Dead to me Now!"


Gadgetry Tech - "The mic is better than most gaming headsets, because Antlion, this is like their thing, they know how to make high performing compact mics that are universal."


9to5Toys - "These perform very well for the price point!"


Q2C VR Gamer - “The in-game audio sounds fantastic, super happy with them, 100% recommend from me!”


StuTech - “The fact that they have come up with in-ear monitors with a microphone attached, I love that idea!“

Of course there are plenty more reviews out there and on their way! We'd like to thank all the reviewers and customers that roll the dice on our new products. We love you all and will do our absolute best to live up to your expectations!

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