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Introducing the Kimura In-Ear Headset Line!

Ever wanted a ModMic for your IEMs!? If so you're reading the right blog!

Introducing Kimura!

The Kimura Line is divided into 4 products (at the moment)

Kimura Microphone Cables

Turn any pair of 2-pin or MMCX IEMs into an in-ear headset!

The Kimura Mic Cables feature our patent pending around-ear design to maximize stability, comfort, and style while minimizing torque placed on your ear.

Our premium quality omni-directional mic delivers a rich and full pickup pattern despite the sleek and slim design. The boom arm is flexible, able to be bent and shaped to perfectly fit your profile.

The Kimura cables terminate in separate headphone and mic jacks, but all products include a Y adapter for immediate plug and play action on consoles, laptops, and more.

This ensures maximum quality across nearly every device imaginable! Keep your IEMs, add a Kimura Microphone!

Kimura Solo

Don't have a compatible IEM handy? Our Kimura Solo is our entry level in-ear headset. 

Despite the name, the Solo is a full pair of IEMs with a single (hence the name) dynamic driver that features a bass-forward frequency response for a fun sound signature selected with gaming in mind.

It also comes with a Kimura MMCX Microphone cable and all the features you see above, as well as a handy hard-shell carrying case.

Kimura Duo

Take everything to love about the Kimura Solo and add an additional Balanced Armature designed to deliver accurate treble. The result is the V-shaped sound of the Kimura Duo!

Both Kimura Solo and Kimura Duo are made of hand crafted resin, which not only looks great but feel amazing and is incredibly effective in isolating noise! Perhaps the best IEM material we've ever seen or felt!

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