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Top Four Ways Your Audio is Driving Your Team Crazy

In 2018 there is absolutely no excuse for bad audio. Whether it’s that low-budget, 1980s Radio Shack-era mic you’re using (we jest), outside noise, muffled conversations, or your overall setup, you need a reality check if you’re not getting good audio from your equipment. Think you’re the weakest link because of this? You’re right. Read these four ways your audio might be annoying and alienating friends.

No. 1: Your voice sounds bad (because your mic is bad).

It’s hard enough trying to play the game without being able to hear your teammates loud and clear. Now imagine that teammate is you. Are you sure your voice sounds clear? Do you even know how you sound? If you’re playing with a gaming headset, chances are you sound like one of these first two samples:

Many headsets only give you narrow or wide band frequency response. Sad!

If you don’t sound good, you’re too distracting to be taken seriously. And if you’re thinking of going pro? Good luck with that. Bottom line: You need a good mic.

Possible solution: Check out the ModMic 5. It delivers performance, flexibility, and can attach to any pair of headphones.

No. 2: They hear distracting noises.

The game is on the line. Communications is crucial. Every second counts. You give your friends the orders to shoot and then, a nice, long buzzy crackle. Game over. This can be caused by anything ranging from electrical interference to electromagnetic interference. Or maybe you just have subpar equipment.

Possible solution: Check your wires, make sure your smartphone is tucked away, or replace your surge protector. Click here for more information on taming those hisses, buzzes and cracks.

No. 3: You keep getting ambushed.

Weird, huh? You had a plan of action, you practiced, and then on game day, you’re all caught by surprise. That wasn’t the plan’s fault, or your friend’s inaction. The audio was so bad that no one could hear you, and you couldn’t hear the enemy approaching. Blam. Your opponents love it when that happens.

Possible solution: Take a look at your audio setup. You can get a good pair of headphones and mic for less than that week’s supply of energy drinks. A solid pair of headphones lets you hear the enemies as they approach, and a good mic means your communication is crisp and clear.  Oh, and skip the overpriced and crappy gaming headsets.

No. 4: Your equipment works but your callouts suck.

Poor communication can lead to a lack of confidence, zero camaraderie (think: soldiers killing their sergeant in a foxhole), super PO’d friends, and a one-way ticket to Loserville. Even if your audio sounds great, a bad call can ruin it all.

Possible solution: Communication takes practice, so start with our primer on improving your communication style. Here’s how to get more from your callouts.

No one wants to be the one at fault when losing a game. It happens, though. Losing a game can be prevented with good audio, or at least improves your chances of not losing too badly. Good audio is just as important as good visuals. It makes the game more fun, more exciting and more compelling. It’s time to upgrade to better audio if you want those friends to stay your friends.  

Don’t forget to work on your gaming communications. Check out our tips on being a pro communicator.

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