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Which Gamer Headset Should I Buy: The Importance of Audio

We’re blown away that audio isn’t even considered as a must-have with many gamers. Often filed under the “nice to have” category, many gamers settle for a gamer headset. Settle!? We’re gamers! We won’t settle for 59 frames per second, why on earth would we settle for audio!  We’d like you to consider why a personalized, comfortable audio experience is a must-have and why a solid pair of headphones can make or break your gaming experience. Here are four things to consider.  

Gamer Headset Recommendation

It’s important what you hear and how you hear it

You know that excitement when you walk into a movie theater and you can hear the explosions and car chases from other theaters? Your heart speeds up in anticipation of being immersed in your movie, complete with sound that makes you not just a viewer, but an active participant in the action. So, why not have a similar sound experience when you game? Explosions, dialogue, movement, pretty much any sound in any game can be enhanced by quality headphones, whether that’s open-back (with some sound leakage) or closed-back that helps block ambient noise. Don’t forget the frequency response, or the range of bass, mids, and treble. Look for the 20 to 20,000 Hz range, which is generally accepted as the audible frequency range and standard for most headphones.

You need to up your voice quality game

Who would you rather play with: A.) a teammate with a voice that’s rich and understandable, or B.) that same person, who sounds like he’s on a flip phone in the middle of a tornado? If you want to be taken seriously, you need to sound professional, and if you’re thinking of going pro, the quality of your voice needs to be at its best. The ModMic 5 delivers performance, flexibility, and can attach to any pair of headphones—hopefully, a solid pair you already own.

ModMic 5

More comfort means longer playing times

Good headphones are more comfortable than gamer headsets. There, we said it. If you have a pair of comfortable headphones, you’re halfway there and if you don’t, this is going to be life-changing. When you get lost in gaming, time tends to melt away. If your headset is uncomfortable, you notice it. You get fatigued and it’s game over. So, what defines comfort? Do your headphones fit too snugly on your ears and make them hurt? Are they too loose and fall off if you move? Does the band dig into the top of your head? Does using them make you feel fatigued? Do they make you sweat? Do they poke and prod? Don’t settle for cheap headsets. Bonus: a solid pair of headphones are also perfect for multi-usage including watching movies, listening to music and yes, more gaming.

Costs and comparisons

It’s cliché, but you get what you pay for. And that’s no different with headphones, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a bang for your buck. While a cheap pair of earbuds will set you back less than $20, the sound will be disappointing. Incredible full-sized headphones start from as low as $50, with a multitude of options opening up if your budget can get to $150. With truly amazing headphones priced so low, it makes a lot more sense to build your own headset. With your new headphones, complemented with ModMic for Gaming that attaches to any pair of headphones, you’ll get stellar clarity and communications capabilities. It’s is easy, and often cheaper than a traditional gaming headset.

Pairing your favorite headphones with a ModMic ultimately gives you better sound and it’s much more flexible than a standard game headset. Have fun, do some research, and slip on a new pair for that next round of games.

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