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How to Find Love in an Online Game (Without Being Creepy)

We’re all familiar with that one app (it starts with a T and ends with an r) that lets you peruse and swipe left or right to find your forever (or that night’s) love connection. But, what about online gaming? Is there a way to connect with people there on a deeper level, make a new friend or find love? Sure, but there are some pretty hard rules you need to follow so you don’t get burned, you don’t burn someone else, or you don’t ruin your online reputation as a player (the gaming kind, not the playah kind).

Tip 1: Don’t be a creep.

Do we really need to say this? Just being online is a battlefield as it is, and gaming brings a whole new set of rules, so try not to add to the chatter, spam, or trolling by stalking someone, sending creepy texts, or sending a pic of your naughty bits. It’s just bad form, you won’t end up making a love connection, you’ll probably lose friends, and forever be known to someone as that “creepy online gamer.”

Tip 2: Read the signs.

No, not astrology signs, but the interest level. Here’s an example: You’ve been winning together, having dazzling conversations (using your ModMic, of course), and you’re attracted to them. You send a specific text to move things offline or to the next level. They don’t respond. That sign is called “I’m not interested. Please leave me alone.” The end. Or, let’s say they respond with a “let’s meet for coffee” message. Then there’s hope. If you’re getting the uninterested vibe, move on and don’t push it. They’re probably a better teammate anyway.

Tip 3: Pass when necessary.

You’re not a creep, you’re nice, and you just met a gamer that sends you the wrong vibe. The tables have turned. It’s time for you to be the bigger person here. A simple, “not interested” works here. You’re just not into them. It happens to all of us, both ways. Be honest and direct so there won’t be any confusion.

Tip 4: Be careful about meeting in real life.

So, you’ve made a connection. That’s awesome. If you live close by, there might be a meeting in the works. How exciting. But, just to be safe, have that meeting in a very public place, like a coffee shop or restaurant. Sure, it sounds kind of paranoid but it’s better to be safe than being on a milk carton or neighborhood flyer.

Tip 5: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

You know what they say about character? Your character is defined by what you do when no one is looking. The same is true in gaming. Being direct and communicating clearly even when your love interest isn’t looking is good practice for real life and real love. Improve your callouts with these tips and be sure you grab a ModMic so your voice sounds as true as your aim. (Thank you Elvis Costello.)  

Online gaming is fun, you get to meet some new, cool people, and maybe you can find true love. If not, that’s fine. You’ve found a friend, you found some shared interests, and found someone to partner with on the next round, or have your back during your next battle. If love happens that’s fantastic, but you can’t force it or expect it in gaming.

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