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How to Improve Your Fortnite Game with Audio

Fortnite. Do we really need to mention that it kind of came out of nowhere, is mega popular, has millions of downloads (it nabbed $100 million from in-game ads in the first 90 days it was launched on iOS), and it seems like everyone —probably even your parents—is playing the game. 

We noticed that the one tip not mentioned in most any of the Fortnite how-tos—an important one— is how to use audio to your advantage. Maybe players are merely popping in their generic iPhone earbuds or not using any headphones at all. (Really? Big, big mistake.) Either way, they’re missing out on the whole experience of playing the game. Here’s how good, clear audio can enhance your Fortnite gaming.

Subtle sounds can help you survive

A cheap pair of headphone and mic might suffice but they may not give you the power to hear subtle sounds. Like what?  Shots as they come closer, doors when they open, or the ability to minimize your own noise footprint. If you can hear people coming, they can hear you too (don’t bother tiptoeing over broken glass, either). And, in Fortnite Battle Royale the sound of movement is louder than other shooters, so you can prepare and fight back. A crummy set of headphones may give you adequate sound, but adequate won’t give you the advantage. It’s nuance you’re after. Need to hear the direction and distance of the subtle crunch, crunch, crunch of your opponent’s footsteps as they sneak up on you? Yes, yes you do.

Audio tip: If you’re not standing in the open and you hear someone, stop moving. Listen to their sounds, get an idea of where they’re going, and get ready to ambush them.

Play with a squad or duo

Why go solo and be silent when you can team up with friends to cooperate and collect resources, build fortifications to help fight invaders, protect survivors, or construct weapons and traps. To team up, you need voice chat. We’ve seen a few threads with people wondering why voice chat isn’t working in Fortnite. While the fix is out there, you may prefer Discord for a reliable communication method and to form more permanent groups. Last thing: do your friends a favor and use a better-than-decent pair of headphones and a mic. It’s just easier to game without audio distractions from your team (was that a toilet flushing?) and with people whose voices sound clear and crisp.

Audio tip: Don’t be the team player without a mic at all. There’s no point in joining a team if you can’t communicate. And literally everyone who plays with a squad, team or clan hates the person without a mic. (Yes, we used the word literally there correctly. Every single team member hates this.)

Clear communication helps you protect yourself—and your friends

Which leads us to our next point: clear communication gives you the power to have your friends’ backs. If you’re in Save the World mode, you’re mostly rebuilding what’s left of the earth and society, exploring and scavenging, making weapons, building fortified structures, and fighting waves of encroaching monsters. But in Fortnite Battle Royale mode? If you don’t communicate clearly with friends, your base is toast, your new village is toast, you’re toast. You’ll be getting attacked from all sides, by all kinds of enemies. A clear mic, like the ModMic 5, is key to your survival.

Audio tip: eSports team leaders need next-level communication skills. Grab a few tips from an eSports team leader here.

Improved dynamics of team play

Working as a team lets you do more, explore more places, provide and get tactical support, strategize, and see and experience all that Fortnite has to offer. In other words, it’s way more fun to talk with friends, comment on plays, warn friends, get warned, and even throw out the occasional joke or extremely witty remark (like you do). Again, be sure you have a solid mic and headphones so your voice comes over loud and clear (or soft and clear, depending on your voice).

Audio tip: Be smart with your words. Keep chatter to a minimum, say what needs to be known in as short amount of time as possible, and have a plan from the start that is executed without deviation, even in the face of failure. Read our guide to Becoming a Pro Communicator for more tips on becoming a truly strategic player.

Why wouldn’t you enhance your Fortnite experience and be a better player? It may sound 101, but audio is your answer. Guess who isn’t taking advantage of great audio. The guy behind you, trying to tiptoe over broken glass. He doesn’t even know you can hear him coming. Don’t be that guy.

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