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How to Improve your VR Mic!

Pretty much every VR headset comes with a built-in mic, but based on our experience these built-in mics leave a lot to be desired. So how can you get premium audio quality for streaming or apps like VR Chat and other voice-enabled games?

Introducing ModMic

The ModMic is a premium quality microphone you can attach to any flat surface, including headphones or VR visors. The patented clasp system ensures it stays on even when playing movement intense games like Beatsaber and many others.

Options Everywhere

The ModMic comes in both wired and wireless models, each with its own unique advantages. With the addition of the Antlion USB Sound Card, you can plug the ModMic 5 directly into a VR headsets USB Type-A port.


Of course, you can go completely cable free with the unparalleled quality of the ModMic Wireless, plugging the USB receiver into your PC or Type-A port.

Trusted by Pros

ModMic is used by many of the best VR streamers, including VR Oasis, Ragesaq, CeCeVR, Scotchbox VR, Cas and Chary, The Lonely Viper and MANY more. They select ModMic as their VR microphone because no matter how they move, the mic stays in the same place relative to their mouth, providing consistent quality from every position.

Ready to learn more? Find out what else makes the ModMic amazing. 

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