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What's the best headset for gaming?

The greatest headset for gaming isn't the one you find on a store shelf. The best headset is the one you create by combining great headphones with an award-winning mic.

Clarity Beyond Expectation

If you've never put on a truly high-quality headphone it's a bit hard to describe, like trying to tell a blind man how bright the sun is. Real headphones redefine "normal." What you think was good suddenly becomes plain, and the same goes for a microphone. If you're used to headset mics, even good headset mics, there is still a massive gulf between those microphones and dedicated mics. That's why we built the first microphone you can attach to any pair of headphones. We marry these two principals. High-quality headphones you want and a microphone that is head and shoulders above "built-in" mic solutions.

See what makes the ModMic the solution you didn't know you needed.

How do you select the right microphone?

More than any in-game avatar, your voice is you. Therefore, you really want a microphone that can deliver a natural sound that is full and rich. Desktop microphones typically can deliver this sound, but take up a lot of room and often require additional investments such as a boom arm and audio interface. That's why we created ModMic, to create that same dynamic sound you get from a desktop microphone in the form of a headset with little to no additional costs.

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What headphones should you use?

There are a vast number of headphones out there you could pair with a ModMic,  and there are a lot of opinions on what is best. Like buying a new hard drive, CPU, or graphics card, you should take the time to do some research. This decision starts with knowing your budget, if you need open back (better sound quality) or closed back (better at reducing background noise), wired or wireless, and roughly how you'll be using the headphones. That last note is key, as the sound you may want from a first person shooter may not be the same type of sound you want from a story driven adventure game.

Lucky for you, we've got a handy guide to get you started on your journey.

Read our guide on selecting the best headphones!

Trusted by Pros

Real headphones and ModMics are the real deal. Sponsors go out and pay big money to get big names to use their products, but a massive number of amazing professional gamers, streamers, and reviewers use our products every day. They do it because it's the best, not because there's a fat check waiting for them. 

Check out some of the folks that make ModMic their go-to audio solution.

Put it Together!

By combining awesome headphones with our patented attachable ModMic you can get the best both worlds. 

Discover which ModMic is right for you!

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