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Introducing the XLR Power Converter

Ever since we launched the ModMic people have asked for a solution for XLR, the primary input method for streaming and casting using a mixer or audio interface. Today that solution has arrived.

Introducing the Antlion XLR Power Converter! Marrying the convenience of a ModMic with the flexibility of a 48v mixer for streaming, podcasting, and recording.

Now it is easy to use a ModMic for recording via your existing mixer or audio interface. The key advantage, other than the ModMic quality, is the fact that a ModMic is attached to your headphones. A desktop mic takes up a ton of room and, worst of all, fades in and out as you move around. This makes the ModMic with XLR the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to be rooted in one spot while streaming, and especially for those of you using a VR headset.

As a bonus, we’re offering a ModMic 5 + XLR combo deal for those who want to get started with a full package. Other than a mixer or audio interface, it’s all you’ll need to get started! For those of you just getting started with streaming, check out series, Starting your First Stream.

Because the ModMic attaches directly to your headphones there’s no need to worry about picking up the right boom arm, shock mount, pop filter, or other extras, and all at a price that is less than an equivalent quality microphone.

Unique to the Antlion XLR Power Converter is the Proximity Compensator. The Audio Proximity Effect causes the low frequency to rise as the sound source nears the mic. To put it simply: It makes your voice more bass heavy than it really is. The Proximity Compensator, as the name implies, reduces or eliminates this effect. The result is a more natural and neutral voice, which can then be modified by your mixer EQ to your liking.

Simply put, the XLR Power Converter and a ModMic 5, along with your favorite 48v XLR device, are the perfect choice to create professional audio with a mixer or audio interface.

XLR Power Converter w/ModMic 5 Combo

XLR Power Converter only

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