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Kimura Review Round Up Part 2!

Kimura reviews continue to pour in! As we are preparing for a full restock of the headset line, we thought it would be a great time for another round up of some of our favorite videos from the past couple of months!

Scattered Brain - "The fact that you can take them on the go with you in this little carrying case, really speaks to the portability."

Ham VR - "The best headphones for Sim Racing?"

Boot Sequence - "Forget gaming earbuds, this is THE BEST!"

AndyAudioVault - "The ultimate gaming and IEM combo? Check out this very versatile Kimura Duo from Antlion Audio."

Some great coverage from Japan:



We would also like to share some videos regarding IEM compatibility with the Kimura Microphone Cable:

reallynotareview - "Turn your $3000 IEMS into a headset...Yes!"

GadgetryTech - "This is a killer combo!"

There are so many great articles and video reviews of the Kimura line and we will continue to highlight them via blog posts and our social media platforms! 

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