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Where to Attach a ModMic to a Quest 3

Where should you mount the ModMic on the Quest 3? The TL;DR is basically anywhere but the fabric material. 

We reached out to some of our friendly content creators who use the ModMic Wireless every day for their VR content and here's some images of where they mount it; but everyone is a little different so as long as you're attaching it to a flat-ish non-fabric surface that does not obstruct the Quest's cameras you should be A-Okay.

We bring up fabric because the standard mounting position on the left or right rail is now a material that won't play nice with our adhesive. But we have a few options:

Option 1: Facial Interface. A little unconventional in look, but the hard plastic of the facial interface is perfect for mounting ModMics. Just bend the mic into a position that doesn't catch your breath and you should be good to go. Thanks to Welsh Gamer VR for their example image below, check them out and hear the difference ModMic Wireless can make for your VR experience.


Option 2: Third Party Head Strap. As you can see in the image below, there are replacement straps that are not this material. It may be worth considering an upgrade so you can mount the ModMic in this position and get greater comfort/stability as well. Check out the channel TruGamer4Realz, who submitted this image and uses the ModMic for their content creation! 

You can also mount the ModMic on other parts of the face plate. Again, just avoid fabric and avoid blocking any of the cameras and the ModMic will do the rest! If you have questions or more suggestions swing by our Discord and get involved! 

Update: Here are a couple of more photographs showing potential mounting ideas:

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