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ModMic 5 - Most Common Questions Since Launch

The Modmic 5 has been out for a few weeks, and with all the new features came a few common questions. So, we put together this special blog post to help everyone out with their new mic!

We have seen a lot of questions about how to cut the black cable wrap we included without ruining the wrap.

We realize that not every setup is exactly the same, so we wanted to include enough so you can customize the length to whatever you need. We realize that cutting it can be a bit of a task, so we took to the lab (Joe’s kitchen table) and came up with this quick tutorial on how to cleanly cut your cable wrap at home.

We have also seen questions regarding the difference in mic quality of the Modmic 4 vs Modmic 5:

Simply put, there isn’t any difference in the mic quality beyond the fact the ModMic 5 has BOTH Omni and Uni-directional mics in a single unit. The ModMic 4 made you pick between the two, so you’d have to use a completely different mic if you wanted to switch from noise canceling to high quality modes. The ModMic 5 has both, but they are both the exact same microphone.

Here's an uncomfortable one: Why did we raise the price of the Modmic 5. 

We always want to keep the Modmic as affordable and flexible as possible and the Modmic 5 was no exception. We wanted to make the 5 a microphone that could perform in whatever environment you need it to. In order to make that happen without the need for more than one microphone, so we included both our Uni-Directional and Omnidirectional capsules in a ModMic for the first time. The small price increase not only gets you a switchable capsule but we have also included a few other features in the box;. Inside you will find two modular cable lengths, a removable mute switch, and the new cable wraps, and improved materials that will make your ModMic last even longer. We’re talking Kevlar reinforced wiring, stronger magnets, a stronger steel spine, and improved rubber housing. So for a few more dollars you get a whole lot more ModMic!

Basically, the ModMic 5 costs more for us to create.

Our international customers have reached out wondering when they will be able to get the ModMic in their country.

Currently that stock is on its way to our international partners and we hope for it to arrive soon. We can not give a specific date as customs and importing vary so much from country to country. We will make sure to post on social media as our partners report that they have received the Modmic 5 and are ready for you to buy. We understand the the need for instant gratification so we want to remind you, if you are unable to wait until the partner in your area gets their Modmics. You can purchase one from directly as we will gladly ship internationally. We apologize for these delays.

Finally, we got some questions about our new, stronger, magnet interfering with your high end headphones.

Just like the Modmic 4, we made sure that our magnets are strong enough to hold your Modmic in place while not causing any issues with your headphones. Short answer, don’t worry about it, the ModMic magnet will not impact your headphone performance.


So that's it for now. If you have any more questions check our FAQ. If the answer isn't there, reach out to our customer support from the FAQ page. Who knows, your question may be in our next update!

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