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Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below. If you are unable to find the answers, please contact our customer service here.

If your ModMic has suddenly stopped working following a recent Windows 10 Update, please follow these instructions:

    1. Press the Windows key and search for "microphone privacy settings;"
    2. Select "Allow access to the microphone on this device;"
    3. Switch "Allow apps to access your microphone" to ON.


What is the ModMic?

The ModMic is a high performance boom microphone that can attach to any pair of headphones or flat, non-rubberized surface. This allows users to select their preferred pair of headphones and still have all the benefits of a high quality microphone.

Will the ModMic magnets or adhesives damage my headphones?

Magnets will not damage your headphones in any way. The adhesive is a name brand 3M adhesive compound that should not damage nor leave any residue on any hard surfaces. However, should any damage occur please note that our policy is that we are not responsible for any damage caused by the adhesive or other parts of the ModMic. We do not recommend using the adhesive on fabrics and use caution when attaching it to polished wood or other lacquered surfaces.

Any excess residue left behind when removing the base clasp should be easy to clean off.

Will it fit/attach to my headphones?

The ModMic should fit any headphones or head size. However, for certainty sake the boom is approximately 17.5cm (6.8inches). You should measure 17.5mm from the point you would attach the base clasp to ensure the mic can reach a ~7.5cm (~3 inches) inches from the corner of your mouth. Closer if possible.

I have an unusual problem, can you help?

We’ll do our best.

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    Can I bend the mic boom?
    The ModMic is fully flexible, you can bend it to nearly any reasonable shape. However, avoid bending the boom close to the mic tip, as that may cause the housing to become loose. Aim to bend the ModMic near the middle or towards the base clasp.
    What is the difference between the ModMic Wireless 4, 5, and Business?

    The ModMic 4 and Business use the same microphone unit with slightly different accessories and cable lengths. The ModMic 5 includes dual mic modes, modular cables and mute switch, and several design improvements.

    ModMic 4:

    • 3 Meter Cable (fixed length)
    • Hardshell Carrying Case
    • Noise Canceling Mode Only
    • Optional Mute Switch
    • Cable Clips

    ModMic Business:

    • 1.5 Meter Cable (fixed length)
    • USB Adapter
    • (No Carrying Case)
    • Noise Canceling Mode Only
    • Mute Switch
    • Cable Clips

    ModMic 5:

    • 1 Meter and 2 Meter Cables (Modular)
    • Recording and Noise Canceling Modes
    • Hardshell Carrying Case
    • Modular Mute Switch
    • Cable Wrap & Cable Clips
    • Stiffer Boom, Stronger Magnets, Kevlar Reinforced Wiring

    ModMic Wireless:

    • Recording and Noise Canceling Modes
    • Hardshell Carrying Case
    • Digital Mute Switch
    • Premium Quality Wireless!
    Is the ModMic Compatible with Mixers / XLR components?

    Maybe! The ModMic operates safely at 1-12v, we've tested as high as 12v phantom power, but anything higher will damage your mic.

    If your mixer has a 12v setting or outputs 12v or less you are safe to hook up an XLR to 3.5mm adapter.

    However, if your mixer or XLR device outputs 48v phantom power, you NEED to use an XLR Power Converter.

    Installation and Setup

    How do you increase the length of the mic?

    You can adjust the ModMic 4, 5, and Business length of the boom by unscrewing the cap with the Antlion logo. Ensure that the mic is positioned near the corner of your mouth but away from your breath stream. 

    The ModMic Wireless has a fixed boom length.

    We've got a helpful video covering this very topic at

    Cable Clips

    Included cable clips are designed to work with pretty much any headphone cables. The smaller side of the clip is for the ModMic cable, and the larger side for the headphones. Be sure to give the ModMic cable a little extra slack to ensure that the ModMic is not supporting the entire weight of your cables.

    What accessories are included with the ModMic?

    All wired ModMics come with cable clips, an extra base clasp, extra adhesive, and an alcohol prep pad. The ModMic 5 comes with an additional extra base clasp and adhesives, 2m cable wrap, and two cords (1m and 2m in length).

    Y adapters for consoles, XLR power converters for mixers, and/or USB adapters for audio clarity and Mac users, are not included.

    The ModMic Wireless comes with 2 base clasps, 2 adhesives, alcohol prep pad, the USB receiver, the receiver extension cable and cable anchor, and USB charging cable.

    How do I remove the base clasp?

    Simply prying the clasp off with a fingernail should be enough. No tools necessary.

    My adhesive pad fell off, what should I do?

    Washing the 3M surface with soapy water (however strange that seems) and heating the sticky surface with a hair dryer can renew some of the original stickiness. Be careful not to burn the adhesive, yourself, or your headphones.

    Additional clasps are available from our store; however, we don’t sell the adhesive separately.

    You can buy the 3M material here:

    The six-pack is a little thicker than our 3M pads and you'll have to trim them a bit, but the adhesive is still 3M and will stick the same way our stock pads will.
    Should I use the ModMic on the left or right side of the headphones?

    By default the wired ModMics are designed to be placed on the left side of your headphones. However, you can re-bend the strain relief and attach it to the right side of your headphones as well. The strain relief is the “U” bend on the back of the mic. Simply straighten the bend and the re-bend it in the opposite direction. Always ensure your strain relief is pointing down to reduce the stress placed on the wiring.

    See our video on how to attach the ModMic to the right side of your headphones!

    The ModMic Wireless is designed to be placed on the right side of your headphones with the charging port facing down.

    What do the symbols near the mic mean?

    The full circle is Studio Mode (Omni-directional), the bent circle is noise reduction mode (Uni-directional).


    Find a relatively flat, non-rubberized surface. The adhesive will not stick well to rubberized surfaces. Without removing the adhesive backing, place the base clasp on the intended spot and ensure that the microphone is going to be pointed towards your mouth. Rotate the base clasp if needed. Wipe the surface clean with the included alcohol pad, remove the backing from the base clasp, and hold firmly for 30 seconds. For best results, let it cure for 1 hour before attaching your ModMic.

    For difficult or mesh surfaces you can try warming the adhesive with a hair dryer or similar low heat source. Be sure not to burn the adhesive, yourself, or your headphones.


    I’m not getting sound out of my mic

    Step 1: Check to see if the mute switch is on. Don’t feel bad if it is; this is the most common problem AND solution to that problem.

    Step 2: Check and make sure the device is plugged into the correct ports. Even if they are, unplug and re-plug just in case of a loose connection. Yeah, we have to write that too. Sorry.

    Step 3: Check your audio settings and be sure that the mic gain is not set to zero or mute. If possible, boost the gain and see if you get any signal.

    Step 4: Check the ModMic on another device that accepts audio input. For wired ModMics, phones and consoles and some laptops may require a Y adapter to work. For ModMic Wireless you'll need a USB device with an acceptable OS (Mac, Win, Linux, or PS4). Please note the ModMic Wireless is not compatible with the Xbox 1.

    Step 5: Try using the mic with a USB adapter if you have one. Or, if you are having problems and the USB adapter is in, try without it.

    Step 6: Contact Contact Support with your findings if the solution / problem hasn’t become apparent.

    My voice sounds way too quiet

    Most audio settings have a mic boost and an adjustable mic gain. For Windows 10, this is found by going to Sound -> Recording Devices, and selecting the properties of your microphone.

    Step 1: For mics in uni-directional mode (noise cancelling): ensure that the Mic icon on the tip of the boom (just before the pop filter) is facing your mouth.

    Step 2: Ensure that Automatic Gain Control (AGC) or similar automated sound levels are turned on.

    Step 3: Bend the mic closer to your mouth, but be sure to avoid your breath stream.

    Step 4: Adjust the mic gain up until your voice is clear. You can listen to your own mic in the “Listen” tab in the properties of your mic. You can also add boost, but note that higher gain and higher boost may also increase “white noise” in the background. We do not recommend more than +10db of boost.

    Step 5: Read our tutorial on using Equalizer APO for adjusting mic boost if your PC doesn't have it or if you want to select a number between 0 and 10db. 

    Step 6: A USB like ours will provide additional power to your mic and enhance the gain and clarity. Certain motherboards may not perform well without a USB or other amp source. This solves the volume problem in nearly all cases.

    I’m getting a buzz, hum, or background noise when using the mic.

    Background noise, white noise, or EMI, can come from a lot of places. The most common cause is from the electronics within the computer itself. There are several possible solutions to this.

    Option 1: Try turning down any boost/mic gain. The lower your gain the less of this noise you will hear. You can compensate by moving the mic closer to (but not in front of) your mouth and ensuring that the mic icon on the tip of the boom just before the pop filter is facing your mouth.

    Option 2: Get a USB adapter like ours. This will usually solve the problem by removing the mic input from the onboard audio.

    Option 3: Get a dedicated DAC. If you want to really begin enhancing your audio experience, these can be expensive, but may improve both your mic and headphones.

    I get intermittent interference when I put the mic in certain places or angles

    It’s a known, but incredibly rare, problem that certain frequencies may interfere with microphones. Check around your room for things such as wireless routers, cell or cordless phones. Try moving them to different locations, if possible, and see if that changes or resolves the problem.

    I have an earlier version of the ModMic, will the old base clasps still work with the new version?

    Yes, the old base clasps should still work fine in most cases, howeve you may wish to replace your base clasp if you purchase the ModMic Wireless.

    My voice sounds distorted and way too loud

    Most audio settings have a mic boost and an adjustable mic gain. For Windows 10, this is found by going to Sound -> Recording Devices and selecting the properties of your microphone.

    Step 1: Ensure that Automatic Gain Control (AGC) or similar automated sound levels are turned off.

    Step 2: Ensure Boost is set to zero, and then adjust the gain until it sounds correct. You can listen to your own mic in the “Listen” tab in the properties of your mic.

    Hardware Compatibility

    How do I use my ModMic with a PS4 or Xbox 1?

    For Wired ModMics:

    Consoles require a Y adapter. Simply plug both the headphone and the mic into the Y adapter first, then plug it into the 3.5mm port in your controller. Older Xbox 1 controllers require a stereo adapter. New Xbox 1 controllers should have a 3.5mm port immediately available.

    You can use our USB adapter as well for PS4.

    For ModMic Wireless:
    The ModMic Wireless is compatible only with the PS4 via the USB.

    How do I use my ModMic with a Tablet or Smartphone

    For Wired ModMics:

    Tablets and Smartphones require a Y adapter like this one. Simply plug both the headphone and the mic into the Y adapter first, then plug it into the 3.5mm port on your device. Note that you can not use only a mic in a smart device; you need both mic and headphones plugged in to operate.

    For Wireless ModMics:
    The ModMic Wireless is NOT compatible with tablets or smartphones, sorry. It may be compatible with certain mobile devices that can accept a USB adapter.

    How do I use my ModMic with a Mac?

    Macs, for whatever reason still unknown to the world, do not supply the 5v of phantom power needed. This can be fixed with a simple USB adapter.

    Can I attach the adhesive to mesh surfaces?

    Yes, though you may want to heat up the adhesive first with a hair dryer or similar low heat source, and let it cool and cure longer before attaching the ModMic. Be careful not to burn the adhesive, yourself, or your headphones. Some have used a lighter, but we definitely do not recommend that.

    See this video for a full tutorial:

    Does the ModMic work with the Vive, Oculus, or other VR headsets?

    So far the ModMic works fine with any 3.5mm input, especially so on the Vive where mobility is king. To our knowledge, it should also work with a USB adapter for VR sets that offer it. Let us know via our support if you encounter any problems.

    Is the ModMic compatible with VoIP phone systems?

    Most VoIP phone systems are compatible with the ModMic, however, many will require one or more adapters.

    For VoIP Phones that use 3.5mm or USB Mic Input:

    The ModMic Business is compatible right out of the box!

    The ModMic Wireless is probably not compatible, though we'd love to hear from you if it works!

    Other ModMics may require a USB adapter.

    For older 2.5mm jacks:

    You’ll need TWO adapters.

    One 3.5mm to TRRS Y adapter like ours
    One 3.5mm TRRS to 2.5mm TRS adapter like this one:

    Simply plug the mic and headphone into the Y adapter and then attach the 3.5 to 2.5mm adapter and plug it into your phone.

    For RJ9 and other RJ jacks:

    You’ll need a 3.5mm to RJ9 converter like this one:

    Warranty and Policy

    What is your warranty policy?

    ModMic & Antlion Products: You can return or exchange your ModMic for a different model within the first 30 days, assuming you haven’t abused it. We offer a 1 year warranty should the ModMic fail in any way. See here for the fine print and details.

    Other Products: We offer a 30 day return policy. After 30 days you must contact the manufacturer for warranty actions.

    I lost my proof of purchase, what can I do?

    Contact us and our CS Department will go over different acceptable forms of proof of purchase.

    What is covered in the Warranty/Return policy?

    Any manufacturing related defect. Basically, as long as you haven’t abused your ModMic, we’ll help you.

    What’s the difference between Warranty, Return, and Exchange?

    For an exchange, we’ll allow you to return your ModMic for a different model that may fit your needs better. For a return, we will refund your purchase after we receive the ModMic and ensure its condition. For a warranty, we will either supply replacement parts or supply a new unit to fix any defects you’ve encountered. Customer is responsible for return shipping in all cases.

    Do you also cover your headphones and accessories?

    All headphone and third party accessories are covered by their manufacturer. However, we do allow a 30 day return policy if you are unhappy with your purchase. Any Antlion accessories are covered by us with our standard 30 day return/exchange and 1 year warranty.

    Can I replace specific parts of the ModMic, e.g., the Boom, one part of the cable, or the mute switch?

    It depends on the part. Drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help.



    I need to cancel or change my order, what do I do?
    Contact us immediately via our contact form. Include your order number, name on the order, and shipping address. Shipments can go out very fast, sometimes within minutes of an order. We’ll do our best to cancel or change your order and work with you for a good solution if we are unable to do so in time.
    I live outside the USA; what is the best way to get my ModMic?

    Check our list of international retailers. If your country does not appear on the list, for now the best way to get a ModMic is ordering directly through us.

    International shipping DOES NOT include any possible taxes or import fees you may incur. It may be cheaper or more convenient for you to buy your ModMic through our International Partners.

    How long does it take for international shipments?

    It may take as long as 5-10 business days for a shipment to arrive, and sometimes longer depending on the country, distance, and customs. If the shipment has not arrived in two weeks, check with your local customs office, as they can hold your package for up to 6 weeks before they even notify you.

    I lost my tracking number, where can I find it?

    Contact our CS department. Include your order number, name on the order, and shipping address.

    My package never arrived, what do I do?

    Contact our CS department and we will help you out as best we can. Include your order number, name on the order, and shipping address.

    When will my order ship and how long will it take to arrive?

    All orders from this site are fulfilled by Webgistix in Reno, NV. Orders will be shipped on the same or next business day. If you've placed an order on Friday afternoon, it may not ship until Monday morning.

    If your tracking information hasn't been sent to you in two (2) business days, feel free to contact us.

    Cables and Accessories

    Can I use / which third party cables are compatible with ModMics?

    Any standard 3.5mm male to female cable should work with the ModMic 5.

    ModMic Wireless

    How do I pair the ModMic Wireless?
    Press and hold BOTH the ModMic receiver button and the ModMic Wireless button for 5 seconds, until the blue lights blink rapidly on both devices. Release both buttons and the lights should return to a solid blue color if pairing is successful.
    How do I turn off the ModMic Wireless?

    Press and hold the ModMic Wireless button for ~3 seconds, then release. The lights should go out on the device.

    The ModMic Wireless should turn off on its own if the receiver is not powered (e.g. you turn off your PC) after several minutes.

    Can I pair the ModMic Wireles to other Bluetooth devices?
    Unfortunately the ModMic Wireless can not pair with native Bluetooth devices. The ModMic Wireless USB Receiver is required for operation.
    What do the status lights mean?
    Blue, Solid = On
    Blue, Blinking = On, but not connected (See how to pair to fix this)
    Yellow, Blinking Slowly = Charging
    Yellow, Blinking = Low Battery
    Yellow, Solid = Fully Charged
    Red, Solid = Mute