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The Premium Holiday Gift that Will Improve Your Fortnite Experience

While some of the Fortnite players are just in it for the dancing, dedicated Fortnite players are refining their game. If you’re a Fortnite player who’s playing to win, you’ll need to optimize your Fortnite experience with a premium audio setup. 

With patch 4.2 earlier this year and nearly every patch since, Epic Games made it clear that they are going to be investing into improving Fortnite’s directional audio, allowing players to better identify where enemies are via audio clues. As the game evolves, having the right headphones, and the right mic, will become critical to success.

Patch Notes: To help differentiate between above/below footstep sounds we've added an additional layer to steps that are above you based on the surface type.

Source: Epic Games Fortnite Patch Notes v.4.2 

Distraction free gaming

You’re in the zone, your squad is perfectly synchronized, everything is going right and that a dog barking? Or maybe it’s the sound of “Popcorn” as your teammate gets text after text. Perhaps the annoying sound is coming from your room -- whether that’s keyboard clacking or someone shouting at you to "Stop. Playing. Fortnite." The last thing you and your team want is the outside world creeping in. To solve this you need quality, comfortable, closed back headphones that can reduce the noise so you can concentrate and a mic that can do the same for all your teammates. That’s why we make the ModMic, a premium noise canceling microphone that attaches to any pair of headphones, instantly turning it into the ultimate headset. In short, pair the best noise reducing headphones with the best noise reducing mic for distraction free gaming! 

Not sure which headphones are right for you? See our list of the Best Headphones of 2018! 

Take your game seriously

We’re not suggesting you go out and buy (or ask for) all of the most expensive equipment on the market, but a few well placed dollars can give you a competitive edge. Gaming headsets produce inferior directional sound, which means pinpointing enemy locations is tough. Meanwhile, a low quality mic reduces response times of your teammates. If they can’t quickly and easily understand you, their ability to react is slowed. Don’t buy into the hype, and overspend on features that don’t work, like virtual surround sound, or ridiculous LED lights on your ears. Simple, high quality headphones and a premium mic are all you need, and you don’t have to break the bank. 

Check out these awesome bundles for example: 

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Bundles
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Beyerdynamic DT
Beyerdynamic DT770 + ModMic Bundle
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and read why A premium audio setup is worth the investment. 

Good audio can be the gateway

We know that few of us ever stick to just one game forever. A good pair of headphones and a ModMic will be useful to you in more than just Fortnite. Wherever your journey next takes you, whether in movies, games, or even at work or school, you’ll be glad you have the audio gear to make the most of it, and if you think a gamer headset is going to get you there, try again. 

Trusted by Pros

ModMics are made by gamers, for gamers to solve the problems that audio lovers and gamers experience online. So what do actual gamers think of a ModMic?

We’ll let @GamerMuscleVideos tell the story.

Our love of gaming is why we started our company, but good technology is what got us all to this point. We build some of the best mics for gaming on the market. Having the best equipment like a solid mic can take you to the next level.

Ready to learn more? Explore the ModMic difference!

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