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Presenting ModMic USB & ModMic Uni!

We listen.

That’s how we make new products. What have people been asking for?

Introducing ModMic USB

The First USB Attachable Microphone

The way we work is we take the tech and lessons from each new product and try to apply it and improve it for future products. The ModMic USB is the culmination of all the things we learned from the ModMic 5, ModMic Wireless, and Antlion USB Sound Card in one.

The Key ModMic USB Components:

Microphone Capsules

We have upgraded the ModMic USB with the new, premium, uni-directional mic we use in the ModMic Wireless. Simply put, this noise-canceling mic sounds better than our previous generation mic, and that says a lot given our previous mics are known for their outstanding quality!

We also kept the dual mic modes from the ModMic 5 design, reusing the same incredible omni-directional capsule for that extra oomph of quality if you want to full broadcast mode.

Microphone Preamplifier

We built an amp into the tip of the ModMic USB to ensure a loud and high-quality signal with no distortion. This is one of the key components that ensures the ModMic Wireless sounds so good, and is only possible thanks to the USB power source.

Premium ADC

We believe our USB sound card is a step beyond the curve, but there was still room for improvement. So we took what we learned from our USB Sound Card to create a new and incredible analog to digital conversion (ADC), featuring a premium ADC chipset. Between this ADC and our premium mic capsule, we create a really impressive dynamic range for the mic with nothing left behind.

Digital Mute

Once again borrowing from our ModMic Wireless, we used what we learned to create an in-line digital mute switch. Easy to reach, absolutely silent. 

So what’s that all mean in the end? 

The ModMic USB is the clearest, highest quality, and most user-friendly ModMic ever made.

Check our the ModMic USB on our store or from your local retailer in our Where to Buy section!

But wait! There’s more! After 5 years of dedicated service, it’s finally time to upgrade the ModMic 4 as well.


Introducing ModMic Uni 


Just like the ModMic USB, we took what we learned from our products and applied them to this 3.5mm terminating mic. 

Microphone Capsule

We didn't skimp on the ModMic Uni's microphone. It has the same incredible noise-canceling mic capsule found in the USB and ModMic Wireless.

New Insides

We've completely overhauled the new internal components and shielding to ensure the best signal to noise ratio of any analog 3.5mm ModMic.

Analog Mute

Our new mute switch design is built tough. It looks great too!


The new ModMic line:

ModMic Wireless

Cable-free with peerless wireless quality.

ModMic USB

Driverless USB audio with exceptional sound.

ModMic Uni

Noise-canceling and 3.5mm terminating for ultimate flexibility.


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