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The Best Wireless Microphone?!

The Future of Wireless Gaming: ModMic Wireless Microphone


A wireless microphone that can attach to any pair of headphones and has better sound than a wired mic? If you think it's impossible, think again!

Speed Meets Quality

The ModMic Wireless delivers full "DVD-quality" sound with blistering aptX speeds 5 times faster than standard Bluetooth. Most wireless headsets only give the microphone narrow band audio, many as low as 4khz. We, on the other hand, deliver a full 16bit, 48khz signal. Simply put, that’s on par or better than most wired microphones, let alone comparing it to wireless mics.

Trust the Reviews

We can go on and on about how great it is, but why not give it a listen and see what the internet's best reviewers think:


That's just a few voices of the dozens of rave reviews, and, as you saw, each was recorded with the ModMic Wireless! 

If you want to see who else uses or has reviewed the ModMic, take a look at our list of featured ModMic pros!

Uniquely Flexible

Quality is our priority, but it isn't all that sets the ModMic Wireless apart! We've added two different microphone modes in one package. The omni-directional mode features a wider frequency response range, perfect for recording and streaming, while the uni-directional mode captures a crisp, clear, focused signal, isolated from unwanted background noise. ModMic Wireless works with all major operating systems and PS4 consoles.

You can also mute the mic with just a tap of a button, and with a 12 hour battery life you're ready for anything! 

On Sale Now

No matter how you use it, the ModMic Wireless delivers incredible quality, speed, and value. There's literally nothing else out there like it!

Check it out!

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