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Welcome to the New Site and New ModMic!

Hello our beloved fans! After 2 years of listening to feedback and working to find the best solution to cable management (yep, we really do listen) we think we've really hit the nail on the head with the ModMic 5.

Feel free to learn all about it here.

Just as important as the ModMic 5 is our shiny new site! You like it!? Our old site was made by our founder Jimmy Console, who's about as adept at HTML as he is at Turkish Wrestling. It did the job, but as we're growing thanks to your support we needed something that could match our goals a bit better.

Still, its a brand new site, so there may be little bugs lurking here or there. Please reach out to our support team if you spot anything at all, from a single typo to a browser crashing bugfest. We appreciate your help and support, as always!

In the next week we'll be posting all kinds of things about the ModMic 5, but most important we need you to ask questions! We've tried to cover all the basics in our FAQ, but I am sure there are things you want to know we haven't even considered, so leave a comment below!

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