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What Audio Gear Is Best for Gaming?

Why do we go to the movies? It isn’t just to spend 15 dollars on popcorn. For us and many others, it’s the immersion. The screen, the friends, and the sound.

The same can be said for gaming. Multiplayer games are all about playing with your friends. The immersion in the game is delivered by a combination of visual effects and the audio experience. It includes both the quality of what you hear and the quality of your own voice to others. Without it, a big part of the experience is lost. 

The ModMic Life Hack!

Don't settle for gamer headsetsHere at Antlion Audio we make the ModMic, the studio quality microphone that can attach to any pair of headphones. This means you can either use your existing headphones you love or buy any pair of high quality headphones and attach a great mic!

Ready to change your audio? Find out what makes the ModMic so special!

Movie Theater Quality at Home!

The next piece of gear to bring that Hollywood level immersion to your game is a good pair of headphones. With the ModMic you can mix and match the best headphones with a performance microphone.

With the right headphones you will be able to hear enemies better and enjoy a thrilling soundtrack and effects like a movie theater, and you’ll be able to do it without any discomfort during a long gaming session.

Want to find the perfect headphone? We wrote this guide to help you!

You don't need to spend more to get less. The ModMic and a great pair of headphones will give you the movie theater level immersion you've been searching for. 

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