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The First ModMic Wireless Reviews!

The ModMic Wireless has arrived! Since we launched a few weeks ago the tech reviewers of the internet have been hard at work describing just how good the ModMic Wireless really is. The verdict: INCREDIBLE.

By delivering a full 48khz signal via the aptX Low Latency chipset we've managed to create the first full quality wireless microphone over Bluetooth, and with our patented ModMic design, you can still attach it to any pair of headphones! Combine that with our digital quick mute and a 12+ hour battery you can charge while using and you've got the greatest attachment microphone ever made!

Don't just take our word for it though, check out our first reviews! 


"ModMic Wireless sounds better than any other wireless mic I've used before.”


Epos Vox 

"[ModMic Wireless] Compared to this wired headset... which is pretty good, both the listening and the and the microphone audio is NOOO contest, in my opinion"


And for those of you who prefer text  and audio over video!

MMORPG reviews the ModMic Wireless!

"After using so many wireless headsets that boast about the quality of their microphones, it’s refreshing to find one that’s actually boast-worthy."
MMORPG also did a voice comparison between the ModMic Wireless and Razer Nari. You don't need to be an audiophile to hear the difference!



Ready to go wireless? You can pick up you own ModMic Wireless from any of these stores:


Global USA UK  Germany
Antlion Audio Web Store 


Focus Camera





Canada and other EU countries coming soon, until then you can buy direct from the Antlion Audio Web Store!

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