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Your Good Headphones Aren’t Just for Tuning Out Your Colleagues

Mic for Conference Calls

Do you love your co-workers? Do you crave collaboration? Do you encourage others to eat lunch at their desk, not because everyone is too busy with wasted meetings, but because like, there shouldn’t be any barriers to success or creating “synergy?”

For the rest of us, not so much. Headphones are a saving grace to anyone who needs to do actual work at work. The only problem with your favorite office hardware: you have to take them off when it’s time (yet again) for the ubiquitous conference call.

What if you could keep your awesome headphones on and take that call by simply attaching a mic as reliable, comfortable and yummy-sounding as your headphones? Well, office worker friend, you can. It’s called a ModMic.

And yes, it works great with any conference call software your company has downloaded onto your Lenovo ThinkPad.  

Stop Making the Ultimate Audio, Comfort, Style Sacrifice

When you have a ModMic, you can leave that office headset that came with your desk phone on your desk phone. Despite them being featured in every stock photo ad for tech support, these headsets sound horrible, they fit worse, and the way they make your voice sound, well, do you really want your client to think you’re still on dial up? Probably not, and yet you do.

Hunchback Mode is Really Uncomfortable

Maybe you didn’t even get a phone with a cheap headset. Instead you need to jump on a call, and you chuck your posh headphones for your laptop’s mic and speakers. That’s right, it’s time for VoIP and you’re hunched over your laptop. What if you have video on too? Now that person on the other side can barely hear you, and they’re seeing the top of your head and your now extra large forehead as you put your mouth close to the place where crumbs and dander have gathered for the past few years.

Instead of the up-close-and-personal-view of your laptop’s keyboard, sit up straight and make eye contact with the tiny camera because you have a ModMic attached to your good headphones.

Stop the Insanity

Here’s the beauty of a ModMic for the open office workers: Those fancy headphones? They never come off. Ever. Second, when you get an incoming VoIP call? Don’t reach for shoddy headset. Simply attach a ModMic to your good headphones. Why? Clarity, performance and comfort. Clients can hear you clearly, there’s better sound quality and you don’t sound like you’re talking in a cave. Bonus: no forehead/top of the head video chats. Clients like that in professionals.  

Ready to learn more? Explore more about the ModMic and headphone options!

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