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The Perfect Gift for the Fortnite Players in your Family

ModMic: The Perfect Gift

You’ve spent the last ten months or so arguing with your kids about playing Fortnite. Sure it’s charming when they break into random dancing, but the rest of the time homework is ignored, chores are disregarded and bedtime is a loose concept. In the moment, it’s hard to remember that today’s Fortnite is yesterday’s MTV’s “120 Minutes,” or “Headbangers Ball” or “Cribs” or whatever thing it was that you did for hours and hours that caused you to scream through the door at your parents.  

This holiday, declare a ceasefire and get them a gift that enhances the Fortnite time they’re allotted. 

Cutting-edge audio technology, like our own ModMic, improves the Fortnite action, deepens the fantasy and enhances the online interaction with friends. Let’s break it down. 

Action made louder

In Fortnite, where the action is instantaneous and relentless, the quality of microphone can determine the survival of the player. Here’s why: The sounds and action are not subtle in Fortnite. In fact, the sound of movement is enhanced (quite a bit more than in other shooting games), enabling players (with a good audio set up) to anticipate danger and fight back. But if they can’t hear their opponents crunching through leaves or splashing across water because they can’t hear through their bad headphones, or they can’t make themselves heard thanks to a bad mic, they’re going to lose. Their audio set up is key to their survival. A solid mic and a good pair of headphones are a must for any Fortnite player. 

Fantasy comes alive

Do you remember being a kid (long, long ago) and having a cheap pair of walkie-talkies? Never mind that they barely worked from the garage to the kitchen. As soon as you pressed that red button, transmitting your voice over the air, you were a different person. You were immersed in the action, transported. The technology has improved significantly these days, but the experience is the same. When your Fortnite player puts on a pair of good headphones and a solid mic, the ‘real’ world fades away, and they’re together with friends in a world of their own creation. Quality audio removes distractions like the noises outside the game and allows your Fortnite player to lose themselves in the game.

Interact like they mean it

You hear a lot about gaming leading to isolation, but playing Fortnite is the exact opposite. When your Fortnite player is playing with a squad or a duo, they rely on their friends to collect resources and protect each other. It’s all about cooperation, communication and focus on a common goal. We’ve all been on calls where cooperation is a must, and someone’s phone keeps breaking up. Take the stress a bad connection causes and multiply it by about 1,000 and that’s what your Fortnite player is feeling when they’re using a bad mic or a gamer headset. Their friends are depending on them and...what’d you just say? When survival depends on quick collective decisions, a poor mic experience is going to make the interaction nearly impossible. 

Want to make your gamer a better Fortnite player? Here’s the lowdown on how they can raise their overall Fortnite game (if you’re looking for more insight). Want to make their holiday more fun? They deserve a richer, deeper experience playing the game, and they’ll get that experience with the best equipment on the market. You may spend a bit more than the cost of those rusty old walkie talkies, but you don’t have to break the bank. It’ll be worth it. Consider a ModMic this year.

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